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Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

Borough Location



Mixed Use



Property Description

A 32' wide 26 unit seven (7) story mixed-use building. The
property has two stores on the ground floor, and two one-bedroom
garden apartments at the back. One of the stores was a laundry,
which is currently vacant, the other store is also vacant. The upper
floors have four units per floor, they are all rent stabilized except
for apartment ten, which is rent controlled and apartment six which
is free market. The units have nice wood floors, good ceiling
height, and good lighting. All the units are individually metered for
gas and electric. The average rent is $1,540 per month. The net
income of the property is $435,155.55 per year. The boiler is gas.
Two tenants would like to be bought out which would increase the
rent roll.

The property is a prime investment opportunity with lots of
upside in the rent-stabilized units. Located on Broome Street,
which has all type of restaurants and art galleries and Forsyth Street
which has access to the park. When the apartments become vacant
there will be a lot of demand for them.

Additional Information

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