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What is my property worth?

Be informed about the value of your property before you make a major decision!


Importance to Know Value

  • Upcoming Refinance of a Loan 

  • Accurate Calculation of Net Worth 

  • Retirement Planning Reporting to Partners/Investors/Lenders

  • Disposition Trigger 

  • Adequate Equity - Higher Performing Asset 

  • Adequate Equity - Cash-out Refinance 

  • Inadequate Appreciation - Redeploy Equity 

  • Comparison to Alternate Investments

Property Value Can Change

  • Comparable Sales 

  •  Interest Rates 

  •  Supply & Demand 

  •  Condition 

  •  Occupancy 

  •  Market Rents 

  •  Uncontrollable Expenses 

  • Operations Economic & Demographic Changes 

  • Legislation

Request a Broker Opinion of Value 

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